BBQ – My Secret for Making Food Fast

One of the awesome things about getting married is that I could register for things that I want, and an awesome friend of ours got us a grill. So, of course I went and got meat. And now, I’ve enjoyed several wonderful meals, and the average cooking time is 20 minutes.The trick is to get everything in your meal on the grill, and maybe one thing in the microwave.

Today we had a marinated pork tri-tip that came from Dee’s Meats, an awesome little meat shop just outside of Galt, CA. I was able to get a box of grilling meats for under $100, and since I paid cash I got 5% off (and I’m always one to shop bargains, especially when the food is such high quality). This tri-tip was marinated in salsa, so it was nice and tender, and it only took 15 minutes to cook since I cut it up into slices instead of letting it cook fully in one large lump of flesh. Smaller pieces cook faster and use less fuel.

In addition to meat, I sliced up a green bell pepper and placed the slices on the warming rack. They cook a little slower up there, but it still only takes a couple minutes to get those beautiful scorch marks on the skin. Then I flipped them over for just a little bit, and they were ready to eat. Easy, and they don’t take any extra time.

Here is where I cheated: I got a three bean salad from a can. It only cost $1.50, and although it had more sugar, all I had to do was open the can before I started cooking and stick it in the fridge. Done. Easy. And, for another veggie, I nuked up a can of beets. Beets are a great source of magnesium, and since I’ve been craving them… Andy got to try them for the first time. But two minutes in the microwave while the peppers are cooking, and I have my whole meal easily timed out. I chose beets, but green beans, corn, or peas work just as well. And, a nice broccoli salad instead of the beans is a nice addition that also has protein.

And, best yet, I didn’t have to have a salad! I get bored of salads, and it can take a while to gather the ingredients to make a really good one. So, I made sure I had a couple other veggies, and at least one was certainly starchy, so I was covered.

Things that make grilling take a while were notoriously absent from my dinner today. Potatoes and corn on the cob are delicious, but they can take extra time. I also didn’t smoke anything – and didn’t need to because of the meat’s marinade. Still, I was able to make a delicious and nutritious dinner with enough time to watch a movie before bed. Not bad, really!

So what are your favorite fast dinners? I’d like to try something new.


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