Some Facts About Raw Honey

So, several months ago I bought some Really Raw Honey from one of those online retailers, Thrive Market. I like that place because it’s pretty inexpensive on many items, and if you look on Facebook you can find those deals where if you buy a certain amount, you get an item that’s normally pretty expensive for free. I don’t shop there often because a regular grocery store tends to cost less overall and I get my food immediately, like this Honey from Raley’s.

Anyway, I’ve been holding off on opening my Really Raw Honey because I was sure it’s good stuff, and at the time I had a little bottle of cheap stuff that didn’t taste very good, and I didn’t want to get spoiled, run out, and find myself stuck with a bottle of cheap crap afterwords. I like honey better that sugar because it helps me control my allergies, it tastes good, and it has soothing and antibacterial properties. So, imagine my surprise when I finally opened my special jar of Really Raw Honey and saw a bunch of gunk at the top!

Not one to automatically presume that my honey had gone bad, but very worried that it had, I went online and found this Article that explained raw honey, and some other things about organic honey, strained, and filtered honey as well as honey bees. It calmed me down enough that I ate my Really Raw Honey, and now I really am spoiled on it!

Hope you find this useful. Tell me what you think!


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